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Win the latest Ipad Pro!

We are giving away iPad Pro to 5 lucky travelers for using Airbük.

  • Just deliver a bottle of 5 liter Zamzam and be one of the five winners of the 12.9 inch iPad Pro 256 GB!


  • Check the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section to know the details of the competition.


  • To know how it works follow the steps below.


Follow the steps below to earn money using the Airbük app

1. Tell us where you are going

Enter your trip detail and browse delivery requests from buyers in your destination city, and make an offer that works for you — (item reimbursement + flyer's reward).

Alert! Enter promo code '1000' to be one of the five winners of a new 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

2. Confirm order details

Be sure to know what exactly the buyer wants. Let the buyer know the cost of the item, quantity you can delivery, delivery location and the flyer reward (your delivery fee). Ask the buyer to send you the order.

Information! Once a buyer sends you an order, review the order and wait for the buyer to make the payment.

3. Buy the item

Buy the item on behalf of the buyer after the buyer has made the payment to Airbük. This will ensure that the buyers is committed.

Alert! The buyer will pay 10% of total amount to confirm the order. To know if the payment was successful, check the orders tab for a new order as shown here.

4. Deliver and get paid!

Meet your buyer in person to deliver their item and get paid in cash (item reimbursement + your reward). Airbük recommends to make the delivery on the airport itself. 

Information! Please confirm the delivery by sharing the confirmation code with the buyer in person after the delivery. It will help you against no-delivery claim.
Alert! If you entered promo code '1000' then you will give away zamzam for free.

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Frequently asked questions

How to enter the iPad Pro giveaway?

You have to giveaway a 5 liter zamzam bottle for free to a buyer on the Airbük app. Please refer 'How to use - Flyer version' for a visual guide and explanation. (iPad Pro giveaway is exclusively for delivering Zamzam)

What happens if I do not enter the promo code '1000'?

You will NOT be a part of the iPad Pro giveaway and your delivery will be treated like a normal zamzam delivery (where you receive $20 or its equivalent in local currency as cash after delivering the item to the buyer.)

How many winners will be there?

A total of 5, each winner will be given an 12.9 inch iPad Pro (256 GB).

What are the specifications of the iPad Pro in the giveaway?

It will be the latest 256 GB iPad Pro* *We will have the exact specifications only after Apple Inc launches its new iPad Pro in September 2018. (The winners will be announced on 31st October 2018.)

When will the winners be announced?

On 31st October 2018.

What happens if I do not confirm the delivery?

If you enter the promo code '1000' deliver the zamzam water but forget to give the buyer the 'confirmation code' send us an email at

How will I know if I am one of the winners of the giveaway?

Winners will be announced on this website and our Facebook page, you can follow our official Facebook page here:

What will happen if I win?

The winner will be contacted on email and requested to provide a delivery address. We will purchase the 12.9 inch iPad Pro (256 GB) online and get it delivered to you.

Where to buy the 5 liter Zamzam Bottle from?

You can buy the 5 liter Zamzam Bottle from an small outlet at the Jeddah International airport.

How many 5 liter Zamzam bottle can I carry?

You can carry only one 5 liter Zamzam bottle per person on direct flights, it will not be counted in your check-in baggage . Please re-check this information from the airline website.

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