Follow the steps below to shop abroad using the Airbük app.

1. Tell us what you are looking for

Select the nearest international airport to you and the product you are looking for to see the list of flyers coming to your city.

2. Start receiving delivery offers

Flyers on the Airbük app going to your destination will start making delivery offers. Select the one you like and send an order with (item reimbursement + flyer’s reward)

Information! Tap the 'cart icon' on the top left corner in your chat screen to send the order to the flyer.

3. Pay and secure your order

After the flyer accepts your order, review and pay just 10% of the total amount using a credit card as Airbük fee. Flyer will buy the item you want on your behalf and deliver it you.

Information! Please resend your order to the flyer if your payment fails or you returned to the chat without making the payment.

4. Get your item!

Meet the flyer in person to collect your item. Pay them (item reimbursement + flyer’s reward) in cash, in your local currency.

Alert! Ask the flyer for the 'confirmation code'. Enter it as shown here to confirm your item's delivery. This will help you against no-payment claims.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the Zamzam original?

Yes because no other 5 liter zamzam bottle is allowed to be carried on the aircraft departing from Jeddah international airport. The bottling, packing and transportation of zamzam the airport is under the Saudi government.

How can I order Al Baik from Airbük app?

Select ‘Al Baik’ in product screen and repeat the steps as shown in the above walk through.

Can I order anything esle?

Yes, swipe to the third screen called ‘Chat and Order’ to order anything else from anywhere in the world.

Still have a question?

Hit the messenger icon to talk to us!